Our Story

NbrRon McCoy started as a professional photographer right after high school at Arizona Design and Drafting. His first assignment for the company was photographing the space shuttle landing piggy-back on a 747 at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. That company closed it’s doors and Ron moved to Hollywood to land a job with G-2 Graphics, working there mostly as a color printer and pre-press photographer. Later moving his career to The Color House (the largest lab in the world at the time). Number_oneThere he spent most of his time in the dark room printing murals as large as billboards and creating Cibachrome composites. After working with companies such as Warner Bros., Capitol Records, Disney Studios Ron moved to San Francisco to join a team printing Wells Fargo murals that still hang on the walls of the banks.

After moving back to Tucson in 1989 Ron started shooting weddings on the side while working as a color mural printer. Hired by the University of Arizona as a medical photographer at Biomedical Communications Ron loved the technical aspect of photography but wanted the freedom to become more creative. With that in mind Ron joined the team of very creative photographers at a large studio in Tucson. This is where he became familiar with the business of photography and how important the creative process is when applied to advertising. After taking full ownership of his own studio Ron never looked back. Going digital as the first of its kind in 2000. Tempted by an advertised job for the Crime Scene Unit at TPD Ron worked there for several years working crime scenes collecting evidence and photographing crime scenes.

Again wanting to follow the need for the creative aspect of photography he started his own company again. Learning to fly and produce aerial images became a passion and a large part of his client base. After 2008 a majority of his clients went out of business due to the housing market crash and flying was not a viable source of income. Wanting to succeed as a business owner he took on a diverse set of clients which included fashion, architectural, product, restaurants and hotels. Ron learned that even in the toughest economy businesses needed to stay on top of their image in order to compete in their industry. This is where his creative passion came full circle. No matter what the photo shoot was Ron was able to draw from his technical side and provide stunning imagery using his own style.

Recently he has been focusing on commercial and residential photography. Architectural photography has become his new passion and there is a constant need for this type of advertising. Ron has a proven track record and a large list of real estate clients that are tops in their field. Here is what he has to say: “Although the market has become flooded with real estate photographers that just got their first camera, it works in my favor. My images stand out because of my years of experience and knowing how to create an emotional response. My current clients are getting more listings by using my portfolio to show the home owners the service they are providing. We work as a team to market each property uniquely as it should be.”